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Bamboo Baby Muslins Squares Origami - CGZS4BBB

Bamboo Baby Muslins Squares Origami - CGZS4BBB

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  • Beautifully Soft & Breathable- Our gorgeously soft Baby Muslins are made from 100% Bamboo. The breathable fibres soothe and comfort your little one whether you are feeding, travelling or settling them down for a nap. A Panda Baby Muslin will be their favourite comforter.

  • Versatile Use- From laying on Mum’s tummy to clearing up spillages, our Baby Muslins are perfect for a variety of uses. Bamboo provides a trio of freshness, moisture-wicking and thermo-regulation to maximise hygiene and durability.

  • Gentle on Skin- Baby skin is incredibly delicate which is why our Baby Muslins are made from 100% bamboo. The fabric is kind & gentle on their skin with naturally hypo-allergenic, super soft fibres. So you can wrap them up in confidence and enjoy those precious cuddles!

  • Sensory Stimulation- Our Baby Muslins give your little one gentle sensory stimulation as they take in the exciting new world. This keeps them calm, curious and alert aiding the healthy development of their nervous system.

  • Machine washable- Our Baby Muslins are easy-peasy to wash. Bamboo fabric gets softer & softer with every wash making it even more snuggly over time.

  • Size Squares
    Colour Origami
    Material Bamboo
    Fabric Type 100% Rayon from Bamboo
    Brand Panda

    Bamboo Baby Muslins Squares Origami - CGZS4BBB