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Kravann° Amethyst Breastfeeding Bracelet - HONK3HO7

Kravann° Amethyst Breastfeeding Bracelet - HONK3HO7

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  • Breastfeeding bracelet, made by a French designer. Don’t hesitate to search for Naïris Bijoux's creations, you will find great product quality reviews and customer service reviews on Google :-)

  • WHAT IS A BRACELET? The bracelet works as a clock; the hours are represented by the beads numbered 1 to 12. The 3 colour beads - between the numbers - mark the quarter of an hour. To indicate the time of the last teat, you must put the charm (which is mounted on a carabiner) in the right place. In addition, breastfeeding moms can place the bracelet on the wrist on the side of the breast corresponding to the last breastfeeding.

  • This bracelet is suitable for both breast and bottle feeding and fits all wrists.

  • You will receive: the complete breastfeeding bracelet (breastfeeding bracelet + carabiner with charm) + a pretty organza pouch (protected by bubble paper). YOU WILL RECEIVE Equally (only if you choose the delivery by Naïris Bijoux and not by ): A pretty explanatory card (retaining the functioning of the nursing bracelet).

  • Want another charm than the one picture? All our jewellery is personalised. For this purpose, please contact us before ordering. Flower, the creator of Naïris Bijoux will be happy to answer ...

  • Model of the mini angled star charm. Feature of the steel thread, memory shape. Colour of the pearls: evil, purple. Material: Amethyst beads. Diameter of the pearls: 6 mm. Model of the pearls: white numbers. Material: acrylic.

    Kravann° Amethyst Breastfeeding Bracelet - HONK3HO7