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Solar LED Cup Pad Holder 2 Pieces Color Changing LED Cup Holder Lights USB Cup Mat 7 Colors Lights Car USB Acrylic Car Mat - HJTHBABY

$19.43 $50.99

ACRYLIC MATERIAL - Our LED cup holder lights adopted premium acrylic material, non-toxic, safe, scratch proof and anti-corrosive. SOLAR CHARGING FOR ENERGY SAVING: Our 2 piece solar cup holder is an energy saving solar charge, an excellent way for those who had trouble finding their cup holder when driving in low light/dark conditions. DUAL CHARGING MODES: This solar LED cup pad holder has du..

AIOEJP U.V Cabinet Machine Box 12L with Timer LED Panel Normal Temperature for Barber Salon Nails Personal Care Tools - FVBNX6ON

$98.45 $138.88

2 in 1 Machine, a perfect tool to bring to a healthy life. LED Display & Timer, easy to use and perfect for any needs. Large Capacity, with 12L large holding capacity for holding eyeglasses, credit cards, keys, scissors, etc. Wide Usage, U.V sterili-zer cabinet ideal for home, hotel or other use. Scope of application: electronic products, towels, various tools, children's clothing (almost..

Room Temperature cabinet UV Cleaning Beauty Tools Nail Art Equipment not Damage the Product for Hairdressers Home - WNLQFPIV

$98.38 $138.82

Scope of application: electronic products, various tools, children's clothing (almost all small and medium items) Ultraviolet wavelength: usually 220-250nm (lowest:185nm,,,maximum 270nm) Product Features: ultraviolet + ozone (UVC) Two timer setting modes(8 minutes or 30 minutes) for your selection ,Auto-shutoff design, UV lamp will turn off automatically when the draw is open. Easy to use..

HZRU UV Sanitizer Double Layer Towel Warmer Large Capacity UV Towel Warmer for Baby Bottles Toys Smartphones Salon Tools or Other Items Towel Warmer Box - EINID1NE

$98.38 $138.91

Towel Warmer Ease of Use : Simple touch buttons, easy to use and efficient. Key Operation, Regular Disinfection, No Need To Look After.Transparent Door To Enable Easy Check of Sterilizing Process. Ultraviolet & Ozone : Towel Warmer Two disinfection methods: 245NM and 185NM. 245 NM ultraviolet sterilization rate of 99%. 185NM ultraviolet light converts O2 into O3 (ozone), can effectively kill ba..

UV Light Phone Sanitizer Box Cellphone Sterilizer Multifunctional Mobile Phone Disinfection Box Uv Mask Cleaning Artifact Disinfector - OZZOFD9A

$19.93 $70.35

High transmission rate, completely cleaning, safe and environmentally friendly, do not hurt items. Mobile phone holder, suitable for long videos and calls. Portable cleaning for home travel anytime, anywhere. Suitable for mobile phones, toothbrushes, mouth-muffle, makeup tools, jewelry, watches, etc. Lightweight and portable, easy to carry and use. Product description UV Light Phone S..

XJZHANG UV Sterilizer Cabinet UV Hot Facial Towel Cabinet Sterilizer Disinfection Cabinet Ultraviolet Disinfectant Beauty Box Professional Disinfection Box Cleaning Tool - QDST6JJI

$98.70 $138.79

★ 99% efficient sterilization : This new type of professional disinfection cabinet adopts high temperature antivirus + 99% infrared two-in-one sterilization function. Disinfecting objects can be safer and more effective. It is more effective, safer and more complete than traditional high temperature sterilization. ★ Advanced application : In contrast to ozone disinfection, it uses infrared ligh..

Towel Warmer UV Sterilizer Disinfection,360-Degree UV Ozone Disinfection for salon SPA manicure baby bottle - KNIBJ5SI

$98.78 $138.82

Multi-functional UV disinfection cabinet: This UV disinfection cabinet is used to clean beauty tools, such as underwear, mobile phones, toothbrushes, small toys, baby bottles and other personal items. Compact and durable: internal dimensions 9.84 inches (approximately 24.0 cm) long x 7.48 inches (approximately 19.0 cm) wide x 7.08 inches (approximately 17.0 cm) high, capacity: 8 liters. The int..

Sterilizer Bag Foldable Portable Led UV Lamp Beads Large Capacity for Mobile Phone Baby Bottle Beauty Tools Underwear - DXBDAV5X

$30.07 $73.82

✔360°all-round sterilization: direct light of the UV lamps, achieve 360°dead-end sterilization, and the disinfection and sterilization effect is more thorough. ✔Portable Foldable Design: Two side pockets can be easily folded by adjusting zippers, this portable and compact design makes it easy to be carried anytime and anywhere. ✔Multipurpose: This disinfection bag applies for variety of appli..

QJJML UV Sterilizer,Manicure Tools Uv Disinfection Cabinet,9L Scissors Towel Nail Tools Sterilizer Equipment Sterilizer Case Box Use to Storage Organize - HVWI1HNN

$98.04 $138.32

✅ MULTIPURPOSE STERILIZER BOX: Our salon quality sterilizing box can be used for a wide variety of professional and household items.The perfect equipment for your nail beauty shop, barber shop and even in your home. It’s a great for your personal items such as makeup brushes, manicure set, underwear, scissors, hearing aids, cell phones, toothbrushes, utensils, small toys, baby bottles, pacifiers ..

LA PUERTA MÁGICA Del Matonitos Perez + Box of Milk Teeth + Tongs + Steriliser Bottle + Ladder + Plate + Cheese + Mat + Key + Door Background + Postcard Child Red - QIGIA51E

$19.06 $40.37

2021 Collection: Most complete mouse door and new design. We improve quality and guarantee a magical experience ..

Liyong Wash Cup UVC Ultraviolet Rays Dust‑proof Separation Purifies Faster and More Stable BPA FREE Material Ultraviolet Wash Cup for Going Out or TravelingNardo Grey - HOZR3VI0

$19.47 $52.34

【Large Capacity Battery Life】The clean toothbrush cup has a built-in lithium-ion battery and has a large capacity battery life. There is no need to change the battery frequently. According to the calculation of disinfection twice a day for five minutes and a 30-day business trip a year, it only needs to be charged twice a year. 【BPA FREE Material】 The clean toothbrush cup is made of BPA FREE ma..

UV Sanitizer Box,UV Light Sanitizer Portable UV Phone Sanitizer Box with 2 Lamp Bead LED UV Sanitizer Bag Kill 99.9%,for Baby Bottle Pacifiers Underwear Phone Box - JBUITS11

$23.37 $79.35

EASY TO USE: UV sanitizer box can clean your mobile phone, masks, clothes, underwear or anything else you want, killing 99.9% of harmful substances in 3 minutes. Using LED deep ultraviolet technology, it instantly destroys DNA and RNA of harmful substances and cleans efficiently. Achieve 99.9% cleaning effect in 3 minutes. TWO-IN-ONE DESIGN: The UV light sanitizer is both a UV box and a storage..

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